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Dalaman History

This area is in the historical process has hosted many civilizations. Lukkalar, vest, Solymoslular, Kavalılar, Persians, Greeks, Athenians, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Menteşeoğulları, and then settled in the Ottoman Empire. Which is one of the great civilizations of Anatolia, Lycians lived 1600 years ago in Dalaman.

After settling in the region of Iran, dalaman named as Caria. During the Ottoman Empire in the region, referred to by Khedive Abbas Pasha.

historical sites in the area:

Perforated poplar district, the ancient city walls that.

Selcuklu Ardicli walls of the hill,

Kapıdağı semti -Likya kaya mezarları,

Hippokome (At Şehri),

Oktapolis (Sekiz Şehir),

Delikli kavak semtindeki Antik kent sur kalıntıları,

Ardıçlı tepedeki, Selcuklu surları,

Hisar district of Byzantine “winery”,

From the time of Caria, is located in honors, tombs, walls,

Gürköy district, Monastery Hill, Blacksmith market, Gökdağ rock tombs, the tomb of Kavaklı grandfather, White Tomb, White Bridge, Cleopatra bath.

Any information on the history of the town enough for archaeological excavation and survey has not done.

Based on a very old history of the district is within the territory of the ancient Caria thought.

District of Koycegiz before the merger of towns that are connected to a single municipality Atakent and Dalaman, Dalaman, in 1983, brought to the county.

The ancient city of Euhippe: Dalaman, close to the village of Alacatlı (Pied-horse) is thought to be in place.

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