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information about Kaş

Kas, one of the most important cities of world tourism. Central residents is 8000. Villages with a total population is 50,000.
Antalya, 200 km away. A small town by the sea. 3 miles away from the borders with Greece, the island of Meis. covered with green shrubs community.
Dalaman Airport is 160. Antalya airport is 200 km away.

Road transport north-apple and Kas Antalya-Korkuteli 200 km. paved roads. The unique beauty of cedar forests can be seen along the way. Along the coast of Kas Antalya-Kemer-Phoenician-200 km.

Sea yacht tourism is important. Gelebildiği have a position, and access to all types of yachts.

Between Koycegiz Antalya, Teke Peninsula encompasses the northern border, a line drawn between Koycegiz Antalya oluşturduturduğu name of the ancient Lycian region, respectively.

The highest mountain in the west of AKDAĞ (Massikytos), the highest mountain in east BEY MOUNTAINS (Solyma), respectively.

History: Archaeological finds prove Habesos name is the name of the ancient city’s oldest. The ancient city was known by the name of Antiphellos date.

Providing the connection between Caria and Lycia Antiphellos located at the intersection of roads, as well as a commercial port.

Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, Anatolia during the campaign, came under the rule of the kingdom. At a young age after the death of Alexander the region changed hands between the Seleucids and the Ptolemies.

The ancient city has gained importance in the Roman period and became an episcopal center during the Byzantine period. After this period, Arabs have suffered raids by participating in the Anatolian Seljuk territory was named Andifli

Following the collapse of the Anatolian Seljuk Empire and the Ottoman Empire seized Tekeogullari Principality management districts to the ground floor Yildirim Bayazit

Eyebrow make up to the nearest point on the island next to historic monuments Meyis is a natural paradise. Cukurbag Peninsula extending into the sea as a language, on the peninsula, the peninsula is adorned newly built modern hotels. 3km from the beautiful views of the peninsula at the same time. ‘Of a good walking path.

Kucukcakil Beach 5 minutes walk to the left from the center of Kas.

If you follow the path to Küçükçakıl’a Buyukcakil Beach After a walk of about twenty minutes Buyukcakil reach the beach.

Resting on the eyebrow Kalkan, Kas `a 25 km. away. Worth a sheep bank was established.
Marina, who meets the needs of all types of boats. Due to pigeons to host a large number of so-called Cave of Pigeons Sea caves, Kalkan is a 2 km. and the cave is reached by boat.

Kas-Kalkan is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region on the way Kaputas plajıda.

Kaş’da tours and activities;
-Kas-Kekova (Batıkşehir) Ucagiz-Kaleköy-Meis Island-Blue Cave-Kaputas Beach-Shield (by boat)-Kas-Kalkan-Patara-Xanthos-Saklikent-Tios-Shield-Bezirgan-Euphorbia-Gombe Highlands-Kas-Ucagiz -Myra-Kekova-Simena-Kas-walking tours of St. Nicholas Church-Taurus-Kas-Gombe-apple-Arikanda-Phoenician-Myra-winter season, wild boar hunting-fishing tours-Taurus Mountains Jeep-Safari tours-Underwater diving tours-Artventure Art Adventure

The Mediterranean diet is famous. In the region, in every season fresh agricultural products, are offered on a daily basis.

Hand-made rugs and fabrics are produced in and around Kas. Peculiar to the region ‘Barak rug’ and goats produced feather touch Kilcar famous. Dastar, scarf, scarfs produced and sold as souvenirs. In addition, Decorative walnut dowry chests, wooden tables, wooden spoons and rolling pins features of the region.

Which is the main center of Kas Kas Lycia Festival International of the Lycian region and the surrounding area as a center of culture and art to introduce this Kaş Municipality organized every year.

eep-Safari Kas, jeep safaris around the organization increased the importance of being surrounded by mountains. Available tours organized by travel agents will start early in the morning and follow the ways of the mountain in the evening to continue the direction of the Saklikent or Gombe Kaş’da ends

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